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Image by Debby Hudson

Jacob Isom

Jacob Isom, M. ed, is currently an 8th grade social studies teacher and coach. He is currently working on his PhD in Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Evaluation. Mr. Isom is dedicated to educational change and believes that school’s curriculum is the best way to seek this change. His consulting firm, RCD Consulting, which stands for Relationships, Curriculum, and Diversity focuses on the implementation of conflict resolution, trauma-informed practices, and social emotional learning as well as diverse instructional practices that meets the needs of all students. Mr. Isom has worked with children from 5-16 in various roles including being a basketball and football coach, mentor, social worker, teacher, and advocate. He has authored two books that focus on relationships and his main mission is to continue speaking on revolutionizing education, transforming schools, and relationship building.   

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