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Your Relationships Are Failing Because You Are Not Intentional!


Find Out Why In The New Book

“The Relationship Guide: The Business and Science of Reasoning”

Murfreesboro, Tn, August, 2, 2022 — If you want to improve your relationships while also understanding the different dynamics of them, you will want to pick up the latest work by Jacob Isom, titled, “The Relationship Guide: The Business and Science of Reasoning”. This is a 220-page engaging and informative manuscript that addresses social issues from angles and perspectives that has not been connected before.


This book takes you on a historical, metaphysical, and transactional journey through the nature of our most impactful relationships. It takes an original and unique perspective on relationships that center around our view of ourselves, the impact that race has played in our society, what money has done to our relating to one another, and how we are connected to a higher power, just to name a few. While most relationship books focus on romantic aspects of relationships, this book encapsulates and breaks down relationships at the macro and micro level.

Relationships are too fragile and impactful to leave up to chance. They have developed over the eons to provide human beings comfort and stability in an ever so changing environment. As we have adapted over the centuries, we have created amazing lifestyles and detrimental ones. In “The Relationship Guide: The Business and Science of Reasoning”, we explore the nature versus nurture argument, how and why our relationships are run like business models and not primarily based on love, and the skills and techniques we need to make all if not most of our relationships operate on the most optimal level possible.


Jacob Isom, M.Ed, is currently an 8th grade social studies teacher, mentor and coach. He is currently working on his PhD in Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Evaluation. His consulting firm, RCD Consulting, which stands for Relationships, Curriculum, and Diversity focuses on the implementation of conflict resolution, trauma-informed practices, and social emotional learning as well as diverse instructional practices that meets the needs of all students. Mr. Isom has worked with children from 5-16 in various roles. This is his second self-help book in which he focuses on social issues and our relationships amongst them.   


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