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Book Reviews

Learn more about what the most renowned literary critics of today think and readers think of the past and latest pieces of work from Jacob Isom .

"The Relationship Guide: The Business and Science of Reasoning is a self-help book that delves deep into relationships, the social, psychological, scientific, emotional and even the business aspects of it. I really liked some chapters on conflict, communication and self-awareness. If I had to pick out of the entire book, I’d say “I Can’t Explain It; It’s Just Different” and “You Said How Much!” were the ones I liked most. Initially I thought the book would just revolve around romantic relationships, but this encompassed an individual’s relationship with oneself, their relationship with money, with food, with friends, with other people and a lot more. Overall, this was a well-written book that tried to cover a LOT of things. And it is the kind of book that you can keep on your shelf, pick up for one particular piece of advice at a time. So it is a book you’d like to have for small consultations." - Pallavi Sareen

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